Announcement: HJC-2 will now be held online ONLY. Please visit our Programme (2022) page for more information.


The Heterotopic Junction Graduate Conference (HJC) on Language, Literature, and Culture 碩博生語言文學文化多題聯合學術會議 is a conference open to all graduate students globally (including advanced undergraduates who are progressing to postgraduate studies) to submit research in the areas of linguistics, literature and culture. It is co-organised by the Master of Arts in Literary and Comparative Studies (MALCS) and Master of Arts in Language Studies (MALS) programmes at the Department of English, Hong Kong Baptist University.

The Heterotopic Junction Graduate Conference in Language, Literature and Culture series was conceived of by Dr Tammy Lai-Ming Ho and Professor Lian-Hee Wee in 2019.